Information Required to Complete Application

Below is information that will be needed to complete your Company Formation application

Company Officers:

You have to appoint directors, optional secretary and shareholders. You will need to supply the name and service (public) address for all personnel, and for directors also their residential address, date of birth, nationality and occupation. All officers must complete a consent to act, and shareholders must sign the "electronic signature" which comprises 3 encoded items of specific personal information for each person. e.g. town of birth, mother's maiden name, father's first name.

When forming your company we would advise you to put yourself as 'Company Director', you no longer need a 'Company Secretary'; we advise you to allocate yourself 10 shares if you are the only person trading in the company.

Statement of Capital

Our Limited Companies are usually formed with 10 x 1 ordinary shares. A minimum of 1 share needs to be issued to each subscriber. Only whole shares can be allotted. e.g. you cannot split 100 shares equally between 3 persons with 33.3.

As a standard procedure we recommend that as a single person limited company you allocate yourself ten shares. If you would like a different amount or would like more shareholders please call us

SIC Code:

You will be required to add a SIC code (standard industrial code), this is to determine the type of work you will be performing through your company. More information can be found from this link:

Person of Significant Control:

A Person of Significant Control (PSC) is an individual who meets one or more of the following conditions:

  • An individual who holds more than 25% of shares in the company.
  • An individual who holds more than 25% of voting rights in the company.
  • An individual who holds the right to appoint or remove the majority of the board of directors of the company.

More information can be found on

Registered Office Address

The Registered office address of your new company MUST be in mainland UK, and you MUST enter a town. PO BOX addresses are NOT acceptable unless the premises are also included in the address. Note: please enter London as a town and not a county.

If you wish to use a different address, you can opt to change the registered office address. SJD Accountancy offers a Registered Office Address as an additional service to the Accountancy Package.

Call our client services helpdesk on 0500 152500 / 01442 275789 or email: for further information

Please note, if successful in your application, the Registered Office address that you enter will be entered into the Companies House database and will be available to anyone.

Companies can only be formed in accordance with Companies House guidance.

If you have any queries about your new company name, you should visit: - About forming companies and the different types available - About company names

For example: Hands PLC is the same as H and S Limited and H&S ltd

There are quite a large number of reserved/sensitive words
For example: You need permission from the Charity Commission to use Charity in your company name

You are advised to read the guidelines before forming your company.


If you have any questions about Company Formations or would like any further advice please call our new client services helpdesk on 01442 275789 or email: